I teach  Anusara Yoga in Berlin. Anusara is a powerfull and joyfull Hatha Yoga Style.

In my class I want to inspire yoga practitioners to devote themselves with passion, courage and curiosity to this holistic body work. We take the time to experience more well-being in our body with enjoyment and focused breath. On the yoga mat we cultivate the process to connect with our center and our highest potential, to eventually enfold this consciously in our every day life. Your empowerment as goal of your practice.
The system yoga offers specific concentration on your own physical, psycological and mental abilities. We learn about functions and possibilities of our body and how to activate and regulate them.
Since 2002 I practice yoga regularly.
In 2008 I started my Anusara Yoga immersion and in 2012 I completed my 200h teacher training. Further more I attend regularly yoga workshops and keep my own theoretical and tantra philosophical studies flowing.
I am influenced by a lot of inspiring teachers.
Herewith I send my deepest gratitude to:


Alex Kröker,
Bridget Woods Kramer,
Christy Nones McKenzie,
John Friend,
Sianna Sherman,
Desirée Rumbaugh,
Chris Chavez,
Christine May,
Elena Brower,

Michael Stone and many more…
I am also a certified NLP practioner and hynosis master. In my approach I combine the immersion of traditions and latest scientific understandings.